“This is a dream come true for us, I’m so grateful that we are a part of the Meraki family and the joy, wonder and happiness this brings. This is the most authentic Montessori I’ve seen amongst the many schools with which I have been involved with over the last 15 years and I just love it…more importantly, so does my daughter.

On the odd occasion I have reason to be in the classroom in the morning, it’s like stepping into a beautiful, tranquil day spa; afternoon pick up is like collecting my daughter from a birthday party hosted by one of my dearest friends, with a  great vibe, lots of positive energy and excitement and no-one wants to leave, including the adults.

The love, care, effort and dedication is visible, audible and palpable. Thank you Team Meraki!”

– Nicky

“Meraki Montessori has provided our son with a peaceful, happy learning environment where he is thriving.  He loves going to school and never wants to leave at the end of the day.  

The staff are caring, attentive and professional with a genuine passion for children and their education.  I would recommend the school to any family without any hesitation and look forward to sending my other children to Meraki.”

– Anya

“Dear Ashleigh, thank you so much for your love! There is not much else needed to nurture children and let them grow it seems. I was very touched from your statement that you learned from Adam as well (something I experience daily too, the learning I receive through my children).

I have noticed how deep a connection you have been allowing to grow the children and especially to Adam which has made him grow wonderfully! I am so glad we gave him this additional time at Meraki during the last year which I feel will make a big difference for his next challenges.

Reflecting on the 6 years Adam has been at Meraki, I could not wish for a better school where I, as a parent are also allowed to learn, make mistakes, and grow without being judged and with being always welcomed, feeling a great sense of community between children, teachers and parents.”

– Gabriele

“This school provides a real human education to create a wonderful, strong base for our children.

Instead of inputting existing knowledge, skills, behaviour on their surface, they withdraw each child’s natural curiosity, passion and goodness from inside to let them really learn themselves.

This is the school where children can proactively learn, discover, explore, challenge, respect and find beauty and love in their world.”

– Nana

“Meraki Montessori is such a wonderful place – even the parents don’t want to leave when we pick up the children!

The individual focus and effort that is put into each and every child is great to experience. Watching the children follow their interests in such a gentle, focused, guided way has been inspiring. I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of such a great experience for our childs education and life.”

– Rosie