Observation within the Montessori Classroom

The Montessori approach was developed after years of careful observation of children in a ‘prepared environment’. As a medical doctor Dr Maria Montessori was passionate about the tradition of scientific observation. This enabled her to ‘see’ what others had not seen in the development of children. It was through her keen sense of observation that she deduced the need for didactic materials to form a bridge between experience and knowledge.

Through her observation she was also able to see the ‘intangibles’ of the learning atmosphere which included a focus on allowing liberty and social life to emerge in the learning community.

It is within this framework that we invite you to observe Meraki Montessori Primary School. In the spirit of the learning community we ask that you plan to come on your own and spend up to an hour at the school without your child or his/her siblings. Upon arrival you will be given an observation chair and some guidelines of what to look for during your observations.