About us

Our Vision

At Meraki Montessori Primary School our vision is to re-energise education by allowing children the freedom to reach their full potential within a caring and carefully prepared environment. We offer individualised learning and endeavour to meet the needs of our community in an ever-changing world, opening up life’s opportunities and breaking cultures of low aspirations. Through a connected and broad curriculum we are passionate about preparing your child for the real world by making the world around them real, fostering happiness, confidence, peace and a true love for learning.

Our People

Faculty and Admin

Paul Scanlan

Head of School and Montessori Guide

Paul has taught in a Montessori 6-9 classroom for three years and spent the last six years in a 3-6 environment before coming to Meraki. He completed his Masters of Education at AUT University in 2013.  Paul is the father of two girls, Quinn who is 8 and Camryn 6 and if he had time for interests outside of Montessori and family, it would be sports, music and gardening.

Ashleigh Miller

Montessori Guide

As a child I was able to experience several culture rich countries as my family traveled the world. My father’s job in management of a metal recycling company allowed our family to live in multiple different countries. I was able to come to learn about different peoples and their way of life. My love for people and their beautiful differences grew from this.

My family settled back in New Zealand where I finished my schooling. My Montessori passion was first sparked during my Primary Teaching Degree specialising in Montessori Education, which I completed in 2017. Since then it blossomed as I observed different Montessori schools in Auckland and worked with the inspiring teachers and associates here at Meraki.

In 2018 to 2019 I travelled to Bergamo, Italy to complete my AMI 6-12 diploma with the support of the Meraki team. This training has given me an amazing range of tools I need to cater to the different interests and capabilities of the children I work with. As I continue to grow and learn I look forward to guiding children to reach their own development potentialities.

The children bring me happiness each day as they help me to explore the world through their eyes. Every day they teach me something new and unexpected in their own wonderful ways. In guiding children using the Montessori approach I hope to encourage children to become confident, happy and prepared for what they will face in the future. Outside of teaching I love arts and crafts, field hockey, cooking and baking, spending time at our beautiful beaches, being with friends and family and reading.

Abbie Meredith

Montessori Guide

My name is Abbie Meredith and I am a Montessori guide at Meraki Montessori school in Auckland. After completing my Bachelor of Education specialising in Montessori I came to Meraki to begin my work with the children. After working for one year I was then able to go and obtain my AMI Advanced Montessori 6-12 Diploma in Bergamo, Italy. My time studying and travelling Europe with my partner allowed me to grow personally and professionally and gained new life experiences, different cultures and I am thrilled to be able to share these memories with the Montessori community here at Meraki. I am originally from Tauranga where my family lives but now live in Auckland with my partner. I love learning about the human body as well in relation to health and sport with Volleyball being a huge interest and passion of mine in the past. Most of all I take an interest in children and understanding how they develop and grow into peaceful and happy people of today’s society. The specific theory and philosophy that Montessori offers resonates with me and I enjoy the scientific foundation of it. Following the child and understanding how they develop spiritually, psychologically and physically is an important part of this role and I look forward to all the opportunities I can take to learn as much as I can to help these children.