Located in Silverdale on Auckland's North Shore we are a private Montessori Primary school providing quality education for 6-12 year olds.

Meraki Montessori

293 Wainui Rd


Auckland 0992

Telephone:  021 560 444 / 09 554 1583

E-mail: paul.scanlan@merakimontessori.co.nz

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Karin Waechter

When I learnt what Montessori Education is designed to achieve, I felt very strongly that I wanted my children to enjoy this kind of education. Montessori Education has been around for over 100 years and stands for respect towards the child and their interests. It never limits their enthusiasm but instead fuels their choices. All this happens in a beautiful ordered environment. It is amazing to see children and their personalities unfold and even more exciting to witness them go from strength to strength. I am honoured to play a part in opening up the opportunity for our New Zealand children to enjoy Montessori education on the North Shore. This project has been helped by generations of people who have been passionate about Montessori for a long time. Thank you to everybody on whose experience and knowledge we have drawn on to help us along the way!


Qualifications: BCom (Germany), Dip Theol