Located in Silverdale on Auckland's North Shore we are a private Montessori Primary school providing quality education for 6-12 year olds.

Meraki Montessori

293 Wainui Rd


Auckland 0992

Telephone:  021 560 444 / 09 554 1583

E-mail: paul.scanlan@merakimontessori.co.nz

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Vision Evening /Maria Montessori Birthday Celebration - Next Thursday 31st of August from 7-8.30pm.


As we have had a lot of new staff join us recently this is a chance for you to hear from our new kaiako (teachers) that have joined the team and our board about some of the vision for the future here at Meraki.


Planes of Development Evening  0 -18 Tuesday 12th of September 7 - 8.30pm


This is an evening to come along and learn about the planes of development of the 0-3 child, 3 -6 child, 6 -12 child and 12- 18 child. We will have teachers crossing these entire age spans to help you to see the full picture of Montessori education. It will allow you to see the different characteristics between the planes, how this influences the environment we provide and how the transition between the planes can cause issues such as sibling rivalry. We are very excited to have Steven Arnold from the Peace Experiment (New Montessori High School) join us to give you a picture of what the Montessori High School looks like and the 12- 18 year old adolescent.


Parent Journey and Discovery Weekend Friday 22nd September  7 - 8pm  and Saturday 23rd of September 8am -12pm


Many of you have already attended these but we are committed to offer them each term so that you can jump in and enjoy a work cycle yourself and experience what it is like for your children. You are welcome to attend again if you would like to or feel free to let any friends you know who are interested in Montessori Primary education know so they can get a taste of what it is like to be in the primary classroom! There will be a cost of $20 per person for this event as it includes some nibbles on the Friday night and a catered breakfast on the Saturday :)


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