About us

Our Vision

At Meraki Montessori Primary School our vision is to re-energise education by allowing children the freedom to reach their full potential within a caring and carefully prepared environment. We offer individualised learning and endeavour to meet the needs of our community in an ever-changing world, opening up life’s opportunities and breaking cultures of low aspirations. Through a connected and broad curriculum we are passionate about preparing your child for the real world by making the world around them real, fostering happiness, confidence, peace and a true love for learning.

Our People

Faculty and Admin

Paul Scanlan

Head of School and Montessori Guide

Paul has taught in a Montessori 6-9 classroom for three years and spent the last six years in a 3-6 environment before coming to Meraki. He completed his Masters of Education at AUT University in 2013.  Paul is the father of two girls, Quinn who is 6 and Camryn 4 and if he had time for interests outside of Montessori and family, it would be sports, music and gardening.

Nirvana Singh

Montessori Guide

I was born in Fiji and raised by my grandparents and extended family, with my twin brother. We joined our Parents in New Zealand after our sixth birthday in Wellington. We moved to Rotorua and then Auckland by the time we were nine. We were happily immersing ourselves in many cultures to learn many languages, how to read and write in various languages and eat delicious food to understand and respect others better.

My parents and twin brother own and run Medical centres in East Auckland. I live with my fiancé Ryan and our cat. We enjoy watching foreign shows, movies, eating delicious food and going on adventures as we explore the beautiful landscapes. I love to dance, read, and spend quality time with my friends and family.

We love to travel, we returned from our year abroad in Italy. I completed the AMI Montessori Bergamo training. It was an inspirational journey full of personal growth.

I am in awe of children with their resilience, love, perception of the world. They are curios, they exude happiness and I find their nature of one where I can learn from to stay grounded and true to myself. They inspire me to be better, to be an advocate for the future generation who will change the world. I have a vision to work together as a community in a way that will positively impact ourselves, each other and the environment.

My happy place is anywhere around water and nature.

Pamela Cusack

Montessori Guide

My name is Pamela Gay Cusack and I am the last of six children and from a Montessori raised family. My father was taught at St Thomas’ Academy in Oamaru, South Island, New Zealand and had the love of mathematics from this. He chose to Master in Tax at University and become a Chartered Accountant and his hobby of shares helped him to be a very successful International Share broker. He always spoke so well of “Method” which we later realised was the Montessori Method but due to the Mussolini regime was not able to be called in full.

I have been teaching passionately in a variety of capacities for over 25 years.

I am part of the AMI (Association Montessori Association) having completed my Ami 3-6 years Diploma as one of the first to do so with a London lecturer, Cheryl Ferreira, here in New Zealand. Very exciting to say the least.

I have so loved learning and assimilating into the Montessori method of living, learning and teaching after having earned a Diploma in Primary Teaching and a Degree in Early Childhood teaching.

I am a mother to Michael who has a wonderful wife, Emma and their delightful daughter Indie Rose. We also have a wee grandson on the way in a few months.

Charles, my spoodle, and I so love being a part of the Meraki wide community and hope to be of value for a long time.